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Personality and tradition

“The tie is an essential and obligatory part of clothing, its different forms let you know who wears it: the tie of the man of genius will not be similar to that of the snot, the tie of the classics will not certainly be the same as the one  of the romantics. We can say that the tie shows the man himself: it is the thermometer of his degree of good taste, in relation to the way he wears himself, and to his education.”

Conte della Salda, 1827
Made in Italy Tie Fabrics - Silkpro

Made in Italy Tie Fabrics - Silkpro

For the man in a formal suit, the tie is the accessory that more than any other allows  to stand out and express the personality: and every personality deserves an original textile solution, which best represents it. Contact us to discover our wide range of fabrics for ties in Como.

If you wish, we will be happy to provide you the necessary advice for the making of finished products through professionals with proven experience able to satisfy any need, from small tailoring to large quantities.

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